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Learn about our journey: from project inception to achieving results for the people of Meghalaya

Welcome to the State Capability Enhancement Project (SCEP)!

At SCEP, we understand the critical role of human resources in driving effective governance and sustainable development. The State Capability Enhancement Project (SCEP) was initiated in the Northeast Indian State of Meghalaya as a model to tackle complex development challenges by building a sense of purpose among state agencies. Our mission is to revolutionize how governments approach performance improvement by focusing on developing a high-performing and motivated workforce. Governments spend a large proportion of their budget on human resources and yet the discussions on improving performance seldom grapple with the complexity of developing a high-performing and motivated workforce.

5 Pillars of SCEP

SCEP Framework is inspired by: Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) and Adaptive Leadership, two methodologies developed at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. The framework’s key guiding principle is facilitating collaborative and local problem-solving, and, in the process, building systems that are more responsive to development needs and can support a long-term, sustained transformation of the state.

An important feature of the framework is the focus on people and systems. It calls for broad mobilizations of all stakeholders including community leaders and political leadership essential to addressing complex challenges.

Based in the picturesque Northeast Indian State of Meghalaya, SCEP serves as a pioneering model to tackle complex development challenges. We firmly believe that building a sense of purpose among state agencies is the key to unlocking their full potential.

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