Details of current and past projects implemented through the State Capability Enhancement Framework

Project List

A Catalogue of SCEP Projects Implemented in Meghalaya

Village Health Councils (VHCs) A community initiative to bridge the healthcare gap in Meghalaya

More than 98% of villages in Meghalaya have established Village Health Councils (VHCs), showcasing extensive community involvement.

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Early Childhood Development Mission

Additionally, the mission extends its reach to young adolescents aged 9-18 years, creating a supportive environment to help them unlock their complete potential.

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Meghalaya’s ECD block convention

As the Meghalaya ECD Mission moves forward with its goal to improve early childhood development in the state, it is expected that many more conventions and collaborative efforts will be held in the future.

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Drug Reduction Elimination & Action Mission

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Chief Minister’s Safe Motherhood Scheme (CMSMS)

The Chief Minister’s Safe Motherhood Scheme or CMSMS aims to improve maternal health care services in the state, thereby bringing down the maternal mortality rate.

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Women’s Reservation Policy in VEC

As of September 2022, there are over 2482 women currently holding leadership positions in VECs, including 1010 Chairpersons and 1472 Secretaries in Meghalaya.

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