ECD training module sets stage for holistic growth in Meghalaya

The ECD mission aims to extend ICDS_SNP services to 1,500 previously uncovered villages, marking the state’s inaugural effort in this direction.

The State is in the process of implementing the Meghalaya Early Childhood Development Mission (MECDM) and as part of the rollout, training and sensitization of various blocks and cluster-level functionaries are underway to ensure smooth implementation of the programme at all levels. 

To equip cluster officials with the knowledge of various components of ECD necessary to train frontline staff, an inaugural Training Module for the Meghalaya Early Childhood Development Mission (MECDM) commenced on August 24, 2023, at the State Convention Centre in Shillong.

Led by the Programme Managers from the MECDM, the inaugural training module concentrated on imparting essential insights to Cluster Level Master Trainers. The session kicked off with an engaging ice-breaking activity, fostering teamwork among the 8-10 participants. The ice-breaking session was a more interactive learning experience.

The training incorporated engaging activities, including the brain-wiring game. Participants, around 10-12 in number from diverse blocks, such as Laitkroh, Pynursla, Bhoirymbong, Umsning and Mawlai engaged in the game.

This activity aimed to depict the intricate neural connections formed during a child’s early years, highlighting that 75% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 2.

Followed by an inaugural Training Module for the Meghalaya Early Childhood Development Mission (MECDM) which commenced last week, the team on August 29, 2023, conducted a comprehensive field trip for cluster officials at Madan Mawkhar, Meghalaya.

The field trip was strategically designed to emphasize the concept of “Serve and Return.” This concept highlights the interactions between caregivers and children, underscoring its importance in fostering healthy child development.

During the event, the cluster-level team engaged with members of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and enacted the concept of “Serve and Return” enabling them to play an active role in enhancing the quality of interactions within their own communities.

These sessions will offer more insights and strategies to enhance early childhood development initiatives in the state.